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Basement Remodeling Syracuse, NY

The basement is a great asset to any home. It can be used for anything from storage to a game room or a home gym and today, you can add to your income through renting it out or for office use.

The only limit is your imagination. One thing’s for sure. With a basement remodel you can raise your home’s value which is 100% worth the investment.

An area like Syracuse, NY is prime for a basement because anyone looking to buy a property will expect one. Remodeling a basement will put you ahead of the neighborhood competition in the housing market.  Basement renovations can increase the home value by 70%.

If you aren’t interested in selling your home anytime soon, but want to take advantage of our renovation & design services then below are some basement finishing ideas for most budgets.

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The Best Inspiration for Basement Remodeling Syracuse NY

Today, along with all the traditional ways of remodeling basements there’s added functions that we’ve seen grow.  Here are some ideas to give you inspiration for your basement remodeling project. 

Our basement remodeling contractors can create a safe, luxurious party room or comfortable cave for anyone who loves to escape without ever leaving the house. 

You don’t have to disturb the entire house to have a fun weekend with friends when you have the best in basement renovation & design services.

What Makes Us Different?

We take pride in our special services and expert workmanship. We hire employees that work directly for us and are trained specifically for the jobs they perform. You don’t have to be concerned who your basement remodeling contractors are.

The flooring, tiling, bathroom remodeling and special custom designs are all done in house by those who have done and can do everything imaginable. All we need from you is your dream basement and let our basement contractors do the work.

From the time you call and speak to either our owner, Steve, or our office manager, Joe, you’ll know that we’re there for the customer first. We hire only the best contractors behind the scenes and in the field.

You’ll know every step of the process. If anything potentially changes in the process, you’ll have an on-site supervisor to explain the changes and potential process. With us, you’re never in the dark.

Once the basement remodelers arrive, you’ll see the process take shape professionally and as seamlessly as we can get it. There’s nothing like watching your dream basement remodel come true. We can make that happen.

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Our process, you’ll find to be very thorough and professional. Our team is impressive from beginning to the end and the unveiling of your new basement.  In the next section you’ll see the transparency of our process.

Part of the reason why we pay so much attention to our process is that we’re a full-service home improvement and renovation company. We have to know how to take the same technicians and deliver the best work on any project.

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Our Process. What You Can Expect

The first step towards your basement remodeling project is to fill out the form or better yet, give us a call now. Speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members and we can set up a time to walk through the space. We’ll answer any and all questions you have about remodeling your basement. We assure your comfort in working with us. We’ll ask some important discovery questions and then set an appointment for a free estimate and survey of the basement area.

We do so much more than just show up to work on the project. You’ll work with our designers to have a practical view of your vision. We have the best basement renovation & design contractors. They’re artisans and technicians so it’s not simply a labor project.

We’ll survey the area and commence with the work after you’re happy with the design choices and the practical possibilities.

You’ll receive the written estimate and a date and time when the work will begin. You’ll understand clearly how to prepare for the work.

We care about your home and that you’re comfortable with us being there. We’ll be there a while delivering quality work so we’ll want to understand your preferences too.

We make certain we leave the home better and more beautiful than we left it. You’ll have a basement ready to use and enjoy with no cleanup or work on your part. Just play and enjoy in your new basement remodel in Syracuse, NY. Call us today!

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